To wake up happy;

Dear customers and solution partner dealers. We are proud to present our vision to you with our product catalogue for year 2017-2018. You will be introduced to new and healthy products in our catalogue. We hope that you will show your appreciation to us and your friends. As you know, some products are purchased based on trust towards the producer. Because these products are related with human health. Humans spend one third of their life, i.e. approximately eight hours a day in bed.  The bed can be considered a closed box; we cannot disregard the quality of the material inside and its effect on human health. Preferring a reassuring brand is extremely important for your health and your life quality.

And we are doing the best we can to make sure that you wake up happy.  We do not use solvent based adhesives that contain carcinogenic substances that are determined as being harmful to human health in any of the products that we produce. We prefer textile of BEKAERT and BOYTEKS brands, which are the most esteemed mattress fabric producers of the world and our country, as the fabric in our mattresses. Based on this and similar reasons, we trust our products and we stand behind the products we produce with pride and honour.  We never want to lose our respect towards the creator and the created.

We are appreciated in our region in our segment in terms of aftersales maintenance-repair/service support. If any production faults are found in our products, we unconditionally accept that the fault is ours and we realize what must be done.  We strive to provide our support for our products even if the fault is due to careless and negligent shipment or misuse by the user.  We must maintain this position exactly as it is in the universal and national service applications on this subject.

Hoping to meet with you again with our product catalogue of 2018-2018, we wish you a happy life, a healthy sleep and a good night.

We wish a happy wake up every morning.